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So ILL Music Group is a unique managemen team, we work with artists to help them evolve into something they would have never imagined. We are a team that is there to help you out in whatever way that will propel you to the next level. If you need a friend we are here, we will also get you shows, radio play, etc! Its up to you how successful you become as an artist, we are just here to help!

How can we help you?

Artistic Development

Let us help propel you forward

We are proud to work with such talented artists. We start off with every artist and create a plan to push them further in their career. We work hard with our artists to achieve success. If you don’t want to work hard you might want to look into other labels.


get your name out there

Publicity is an important yet stressfull party of an artists life. So ILL Music Group does a great job to bridge the gap to keep the artist connected to their fans but still not having to feel the entire burdern of their public persona.

Social media management

taking the day to stress away

Social Media is one of the forefronts of an artists image today. So ILL Music Group helps shape our artist image and make them grow into a much larger audicence around the world.

We are a unique label

Years Of Experience
Successfull Albums
Successful Shows

From start to finish, So ILL Music Group is involved!

Do you need help with your music career? Reach out today!

Have you had great success so far in your music endeavors? Do you need that extra push to get to where you want to be? You are in the right place, contact us today and see if So ILL Music Group can help you acheieve your dreams!

Why choose us


We only work with artists who are serious about moving further with their career.


So ILL Music Group is 100% Independent and we are proud!


So ILL Music Group has great relationships with venues and booking agencies across the USA.


Nothing is to big or to small, So ILL Music Group can help with it all!


So ILL Music Group has great relationships with professional studios and engineers.


We have a great relationship with some of the best graphic designers.


Need a website? We can do that too!


Do you have Professional music videos? So ILL Music Group has you covered!

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